Born in 1976, the story of Veronica Quarterman began in Canada, near the wonderful Ontario lake, in the small city of Guelph.

Veronica’s father was a musician and her mother had a great taste for fashion being a stylist.¬†Since she was two years old, she has moved to Italy and her family redesign its identity through six sartorial and multibrand clothing stores for women. In the meanwhile, Veronica graduated in Costume & Fashion at the University of Cassino. Then, finally, the big jump: the birth of QMAN. A cosmopolitan, glamouros and luxury brand impregnated with talent and creativity of its creator and designer.

The purity of the bovine leather, the Made in Italy and the handmade sign melt into a manic production process that find its genuine expression into the bags, the back-bags and the 48H QMAN branded.


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