How can I make an order?

Buying from our online store is simple. To find what you’re interested in: use the links provided on the Home Page to get access to the SHOP and its various categories; or directly from the page you are on, click on the “Menu” word “Shop” which will take you directly to the store. Once the choice has been made, choose the colour desired and click on “Order” to add it to the cart, which is found in the top right-hand corner of the page.
You may add or remove an article and eliminate it in case you change your mind and start all over again.
Then you may go to the “Checkout”, where you may calculate the transport cost and fill in the shipping details.

Do I have to create an account before I make an order?

It’s not obligatory to register before making an order, but doing so in the Checkout Phase has it’s advantages:

  • It helps you to see the state of your order, and check on your purchase(s)
  • Get access to your Wish List
  • Keep track of the addresses for destination and invoice
  • Modify your Password and account details

When will I receive my order and what will I pay for the delivery?

You will receive your order within 3-6 days depending on where you live. The cost is €10 for Italy, €20 for Europe and €50 for the rest of the World.

May I monitor the state of my order?

You may follow the state of your order once you have established un account by clicking on “Login/Account” on the top right hand corner of every page, and then on the voice “Tracking your order.”

How can I send a Product back for a refund?

You may excercise your right to restitution of one or more product inside 10 days of it’s purchase by means of a registered letter, with receipt of return, to QMAN srl, via del Poggio no. 23, 03100 Frosinone FR. (Italy.) For more details consult point 9 in the terms and conditions.

What is a "Wishlist"?

In your “Wishlist” you may save your favourite products keep them under your control. To add a product to your “Wishlist” simply click on the Heart-shaped button on the Product List. To enter instead, click on the relative voice on the top right hand corner of the page, on the navigation bar.
Once inside the page, you may then click on the figure of your product “Wishlist”to see the page that is dedicated to it.
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